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Authors everywhere realize more and more that they have no place in the conventional publishing industry. You can't get an agent and you can't get a publisher unless you are a well-known politician, sports celebrity, famous author, or rich.

Sure, you can self-publish, and many of us do. But some can't for a variety of reasons. For those, vanity publishing is all that's left, and then you have to buy a garage full of books to cover your publisher's printing costs. Then, a year or so later, if your book has lasted more than a few weeks in the bookstores (and only you and your mother know it's there) you might get a royalty check in a year or so.


We are different. If we select your book, we will edit and publish it for low if any cost to you. Then we split the royalties. We publish both eBooks and print books. Contact us and see how we can change your future!

Fee Editing


Sometimes you want to publish your own book, and that's fine with us. But if you need help editing or preparing your manuscript for printing, we can help for reasonable fees. 

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