Grandpa When do we Say Me, Myself, or I?
Sauce Recipes from the Cooking Dude
How to Build a Hanging Garden
Tabletop Aquaponics
Grandpa, Tell Us About Phi, the Golden Number
Backyard Aquaponics
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MH370 Lost in the Dark

Readerplace Book Publishing

Pressure Oven Recipes from the Cooking Dude
Infinite Value: 4 Students
Standing Tall: The Healing Power of Gratitude by Shelly Kerchner
Amplified Agility
Warrior Mom
52 Ways to Boost your Business

Publishing for the Next Century

Ground Beef Cooking Dude Recipes
Color in your Home
The Three Creations
Age at Home


Each of the book covers below is a link to that Readerplace book's listing at Amazon. There you can read a description of the book, peek inside the books, and read the reviews each book has received from readers. Oh, and you can also buy the books.

Favorite Chicken Recipes from the Cooking Dude
Bioelectric Systems